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Journey is a premium navigation app that actively monitors traffic and weather along your routes.

🪄 AI Assistant on the road

Journey's revolutionary AI assistant is available to help you drive without effort. Simply use your voice to activate.

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See the weather along your route

Journey utilizes real-time weather information to show you accurate forecasts for your route.

Picture of a phone with a weather map along a route.

Ad-free turn-by-turn navigation

Enjoy distraction-free journeys with detailed turn-by-turn instructions. Customize your navigation preferences to travel just the way you like.

Picture of a phone with a turn-by-turn navigation screen.

Active route monitoring

Use Journey's Route Watch™ to get notifications based on specific conditions. Whether there's heavy traffic or snow on your route, we've got you covered.

Picture of a phone with a route watch monitoring screen.

CarPlay ready

Experience seamless integration for a hands-free journey and view detailed weather maps directly in your vehicle.

Picture of a phone with a CarPlay screen.

Absolutely love this app! Not only does it guide me through the best routes, but it also keeps me informed about any unforeseen roadblocks or hazards. A must-have for daily commuters!


This app is so great, I love that it can predict my commute time and let me know when I need to leave!


I can't say enough about this app; it's a daily essential for me. Setting up weather monitoring and to be notified of any hazards on my route is incredibly useful.


All features

Discover why Journey is your ultimate navigation companion.

No Ads

Drive without distractions.

Turn-by-turn Navigation

Receive detailed instructions, wherever you are.

CarPlay Weather Maps

Get real-time weather updates on your CarPlay screen. Radar, wind, and more updated every 5 minutes.

Save Routes

Keep your frequent routes handy for effortless navigation.

Motorcycle Navigation

Plan and navigate your rides with confidence.

Radar & Wind Maps

Get real-time updates on weather conditions along your route.

Recurring Routes

Schedule routes just like you would with a calendar for continuous monitoring.

Voice Activation

Navigate hands-free with our voice assistant.

Route Watch™

Our smart system continuously checks your route for any disruptions, giving you advance notice.

Satellite Map

See your route from above with high-resolution satellite imagery. CarPlay compatible.


Quickly find any location, address, or landmark for your next destination or waypoint.

Bicycle Navigation

Ride your bike with us keeping an eye on the weather ahead.

Pedestrian Directions

Because not all journeys are by vehicle.

Device Compatibility

Use Journey on your iPhone, iPad, and macOS devices.

Global Coverage

Journey has you covered with maps and data from every corner of the globe.

Live Traffic Monitoring

Stay ahead with real-time traffic updates and alternative route suggestions.

Multi-stop Routes

Add up to 100+ stops to your route.

Hazards Monitoring

Stay informed about road hazards, accidents, or blockages on your route.

Save Places

Bookmark your favorite destinations for quicker navigation.

Customize Markers

Personalize your map appearance.

Your Data is Yours

No ads means your data is always yours.

Advanced CarPlay

Navigate and get live weather updates seamlessly.

macOS Handover

Plan your route on your Mac and send it seamlessly to your phone for navigation.


Prefer navigating with a different app but want Journey's features? No problem.

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