Snow Maps and Centralized Notifications

Navigate through winter weather and stay informed with our new features.

We've made significant updates to our navigation platform, ensuring safer and more informed travel experiences, especially during winter. Our latest feature, Snow Maps, is designed to make winter travel safer. It includes real-time updates on snowfall intensity and duration, insights into expected snow accumulation on your routes, and detailed information on snow depth.

Additionally, we've introduced a Centralized Notifications Center. This one-stop hub gathers all alerts, including route updates and product news, in your account, offering seamless updates tailored to your travel needs.

Also new:

🔔 Customizable Notifications Settings: Personalize your alerts by choosing categories like marketing, product updates, and route watch alerts. You have the flexibility to select your preferred notification method - in-app, push, or email - and total control to enable or disable notifications for specific categories.